About Us

The Mission Statement: To glorify God in helping men and women to both obtain & maintain the proper equipment, skill set, and mindset needed to defend themselves and their loved ones against violent criminal attack.

The Focus:
Self-Defense with handguns & “On-Body” Concealed Carry

The purpose:
1) To dispel fear with information

2) To equip both men and women with tools & techniques that level the playing field between them and a violent criminal attacker

3) To inspire people to believe that they are capable of fighting for the preservation of personal safety & dignity

4) To minister to women who are approaching guns with a history of fear or negative emotional experience so that they can conquer fears and move forward in confidence.

The Core Principles:
1) Safety
2) Adequate & well-fit equipment (handgun, holster, mag carrier, belt, etc.)
3) Readily available spare ammunition sources
4) Adequate & frequent training

The Services:

1) Choosing/Fitting a Handgun to your hand, lifestyle, and personal needs (consultations scheduled at my home or through SKYPE or video messaging)

2) Concealed Carry Permit Training (Women’s Only, CO-Ed, Private & Public)

3) Educational videos on a variety of topics provided FREE of Charge through my KeepingPiece2010 You Tube Channel

4) Video answers to all your gun and self-defense related questions in my Colleene Answers Questions Series on You Tube.

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33 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, I have realized your sites are geared towards women but I must say, as a new shooter I have been all over YouTube and the internet getting advice where I can. Your videos are very easy on the ears, pleasantly made and hugely informative. The way you handle yourself as an instructor makes the student yearn to learn. I was going to ask you about your stance and how you keep it comfortable. I have a very bad lower back and can’t find a comfortable stance for any length of time. I think this may be throwing off my aim. I am a low and to the left shooter, which I am working on in accordance to your education YouTube vids. I found when i place a 9 inch target then another below it at about 7 o’clock, I can see where my rounds are hitting. Anyway, thank you again for all of your time and hard work. I will continue to watch your videos as often as you put them out.

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    • Hi there, Harley. You are right. In the beginning, I was primarily an instructor for women. However, as the years have gone by, I’ve found I have more male students, and definitely a majority of male viewers on YouTube. I’m trying to make my newer videos more ‘unisex’ in nature, if that makes sense. I appreciate you stopping by to share your experience on my channel and to share what you’ve been working on at the range. I do have a video on stance in the Preparing the New Shooter Series. Have you already watched that one? If not, I’d recommend it. It calls it “fighting platform”. I’d also be happy to do a video featuring your question in my new Colleene Answers Questions series, if you’d like. Can you send me a picture of a few of your recent targets? That would be helpful in determining your troubles so I can make the best recommendations.

      God bless!


    • Hi! I’ll try to be brief; I am a recently retired Tactical Intel Commander (Captain), with a major Texas Police Department. The majority of my 30+ year career, was spent in specialized units. I have extensive and advanced training and experience, with most light weapons. In six days, I will be taking two ladies from my church, to teach them all aspects of owning, safely handling, shooting, disassembling/cleaning/assembling, their respective handguns. Neither, has ever fired a weapon previously.

      I stumbled onto your posted YouTube video “Tips for teaching women how to shoot.” Thank you so much, for sharing with me, your personal observations of the psychological aspects, of how a first-time experience could be discouraging and intimidating. While I have a well-planned “course” in mind, your tips are absolutely valid, eye-opening, and (anyone) could benefit from watching that video, no matter their own experience, when instructing first-time shooters…male or female!

      Good job!

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  2. Hi, Colleene. I just have to tell you that I recently discovered your site and your videos and am so grateful for this resource. I’m like a sponge absorbing as much information as I can. Thank you.

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    • That’s awesome, Terri. I’m so glad you are finding helpful information on the site and channel.

      I encourage you to submit any questions you may have for the Colleene Answers Questions Series. There have been some awesome questions so far and it’s a great way for me to be able to interact with everyone who’s following the channel. 🙂


  3. Hi Colleene, I am a semi-new shooter & CPL holder in Michigan, and have found your videos to be extremly helpful for a number of reasons. First, as a woman, it is so refreshing to hear instructions & tips from the women’s perspective. I don’t have any lady friends that share the same interest in shooting & self defense, and there are many considerations to be mindful of when making such an important commitment as this is. I also have a new Springfield EMP and a Walther PPK/S. Now I am faced with the decision about how I am going to carry concealed. Have you done any research into “Crossbreed Holsters”, and more specifically, their modular system/belly band & purse insert? What I am interested in is the fact that you can order holsters specific to your gun, and switch the holsters from the belly band to the purse insert, and visa versa. I am not sure that I want to use a belt style holster at all. I’d love your insight on this product. Thank you so much!


    • Hi there!! Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your awesome gun purchases! I have used Crossbreed holsters and love them. BUt, my experience with them was before they introduced the modular system. I would highly recommend their products, and the modularity only makes them better, in my opinion. I am a big fan of the Galco Under Wraps belly band, and the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger compression holster. I’d love to hear what you think if you end up investing in the CrossBreed system.

      I’m not a big fan of purse carry, because there’s too much likelihood of setting it down.

      I hope that helped! 🙂 Let me know what you end up deciding and how it goes once you get in on body. I’d love to hear about your experience.


  4. Hi Colleen, Thank you for taking a moment to respond to my comments and questions. I agree with you about purse carrying, I guess my thoughts were that another option would be nice if and when the occasion might warrant the use of the purse. I think my first choice is the belly band style of holstering, and the reason that the Crossbreed caught my attention was because of the formed holster itself and the option to place it wherever you might choose as well as the belt has an extended strap of elastic that goes over the top of the holster to offer stability. I have done so much searching and I think I am going to give this one a try. Your insight really did give me a few things to think about and I will keep you informed on how I progress in this new phase of my life!!

    I have watched all of your videos, and appreciate you so much and the common sense way that you encourage so many of us facing the responsibility of self defense. I pray that I never have to use my weapon, but thankful that at least I have a chance when facing the bad guy. 😉

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  5. At the range there is a master shooter and I asked him how he learned to be such a phenomenal shot. His answer surprised me. He said he watched a lot of videos. So I found yours and of all the how-to shooting videos on YouTube yours are the very best and have been the most helpful. You are so clear and direct and easy to understand. Thank you for all your hard work helping us learn to be better shooters.

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  6. Hello Keeping the piece i have odd question. me and my girl where at a gun show and we overheard a guns sales person asking to look at the size of the girls hands to help pick out the right firearm.

    My girl is not tall and she shoots a S&M 629, does hand size really make a difference in picking out a fire arm? What a girl or a guy look for when it comes to fit when picking out their first firearm?

    Thank you and we both love your Youtube video’s.

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    • Hi Steven! Thanks for stopping by to share your experience. It’s a great question. Yes, hand size definitely plays a huge role in choosing a handgun. I’ll post a blog here on the website today that will cover this and link you to several videos I’ve done on this topic. Check it out and let me know if it helps. 🙂 Check the sidebar in about an hour!


  7. Colleene, I stumbled onto your YouTube videos about 1.5 hours ago and I have to tell you, as a brand new handgun owner your videos and website are the best out there. Yeah, I know you are catering to the ladies but dang, I am learning so much from you!!!! I just felt compelled to tell you and i am going to advocate your site to some friends of mine (men) who are also brand new to handguns to tune into your videos.
    I bought as my first handgun (one month ago) the S&W m&p 9mm C,O,R.E and have been at the range twice shooting 200 rounds each time. I love it. But now I applied for another permit so I can get a .22 handgun so I can practice target shooting with cheaper ammo. Here is my question for you…. In your experience, what .22LR handgun and what ammo should give me the least FTE or FTF????
    Thanks so much! And keep doing what you do cause you never know who you’re helping..


  8. Thanks so much for creating your YouTube channel! As a woman who is just learning to shoot, it’s so refreshing to see a woman who can hold her own with any man when it comes to using firearms. I have learned so much by watching your videos, and I think you are an excellent instructor. Keep up the great work!

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  9. Your classes on youtube are what I’ve been searching for ! I’ve recently taken two gun safety classes (for women) and was greatly disappointed by the excessive amount of chatting not relating to the topic… but then what an encouragement to have found your videos: so precise, so easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your great wealth of knowledge: you cannot imagine how much I am encouraged and look forward to watching all of your videos.

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    • Anita, what a pleasure to have you on the channel and I’m so glad to hear you have found the content to be helpful and concise. I hope you continue to encouraged by what you find and please feel free to suggest topics for videos in the Colleene Answers Questions series! God bless!


  10. Hi Collene,
    I found your YouTube channel the day I purchased my Sig Sauer P938 in November 2015. I had already taken a local Concealed Carry Class and was looking for help on Field Stripping and Cleaning it. I then watched your New Shooter Series multiple times before I even ventured to the range. I would fall in the fearful, older woman category. My husband and friends who watch me shoot can not believe I am such a newbie. I give you all the credit! Today I told my husband that we should make a trip to KY (we live in FL) so I can get some personal training with you! I especially want some self-defense mindset training and am not sure if this would be possible.

    Thank you so much for offering such an amazing service. I send all my friends to your site and tell them you are my trainer. My husband, who is retired from the US military, also finds your videos very helpful! We are both looking to purchase Can Can holsters in the near future. You are definitely a Godsend to me!

    Have a blessed day.

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    • Wow! Your message just made my day! Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I would love to meet with you if you come to ky. Let me know when you plan to come and I’ll arrange for my hubby to be home with our toddler. Give me a call if you like. 859 707 5527


  11. Hi Colleene,
    First, thank you for sharing a wealth of valuable, practical information. Your passion and dedication are so refreshing. I also appreciate your humility and objectivity.
    My question might not be worth your time to address because it is less universal for your viewership. If that’s the case, I’d be fine, and ask that you consider referring me to a relevant article and/or YouTube tutorial.
    I’m a 73 year old geriatric. Recently qualified for my CCW with a newly purchased Glock 19 , Gen 4.
    One of my favorite challenges is that everything about firearm and gear selection is very personal. The options can be daunting. Seems like there is no one “right” way to which gun, holster, belt to buy, or how to clean/maintain your gun. Everyone whose opinion I respect, including the Glock Owner’s Manual, have their own idea about products and procedures.
    I need to keep it simple (notwithstanding this rambling). Would you be inclined to put together a tutorial about effective semi-automatic pistol cleaning? There are so many products from which to choose. Obviously, it might not be practical to recommend one product over another. Your instructional techniques are so cogent and helpful. If you could field strip a pistol, and walk us through the steps to clean and oil the various parts, I’m confident many people would greatly benefit. However, if this would, even minimally, increase your exposure to lead poison, please just forget the whole idea. Your health and safety are paramount.
    Many thanks for all that you do for so many. You’re a real inspiration!
    David A Matz
    McPherson, KS


  12. I love your series. I bought my wife a ruger LCP 380 for personal carry (her pick), but she needs some help with determining clothing for carrying, or even purse options. I’m thinking about sending her to you for help with that. She has her CCL, but never carries…I think mainly because doesn’t like the clothing options. Would you be able to guider her in this? We’re in Lexington.



  13. Hi!
    I recently came across your reviews of the can can concealment hip hugger & it then did alot of research on it…..seems to be very popular among everyone who reviewed it.
    The guns I carry are a glock 43 & ruger 380.
    I am really considering buying one now….but I wanted to ask you a few sizing questions since you have actually worn in.
    How comfortable is this really for every day use? Does it get hot?
    I am a short curvy woman, typically size 8 or 10 & I run into issues with sizing on things.
    Im measuring around a 37 5 inches above the crease of my leg which from their size chart would put me at a medium.
    Some reviews say this runs large, others say it runs small….so im conflicted as to whether or not to go with the Medium, or bump up to a large. I certainly dont want it squeezing me in an unflattering manner.
    Any advice you can offer would be very helpful!

    Thank you!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Colleene, thanks for the Sig P938 cleaning video! Worked like a charm! I have a policy that if you can’t field strip a firearm on your own then you have no business using it. A rule that I suspect I inherited from my Dad. My CHL course and shoot is tomorrow. I “passed” the first time I shot the P938, so I hope to make it official. This is an amazing gun. I have a Sig 2022, but it’s just too heavy and certainly not concealable. My accuracy was terrible. The P938 is another world. Anyway, in the video you asked for comments on this model so I thought I’d share. Thanks again for the helpful video.


  15. Colleene – Just and idea after viewing your video on guns for arthritic hands. I believe the Baretta Tomcat is a semi auto with a tilt up barrel. Since the the first round is loaded directly into the breach end and the barrel closed, there is no need to rack the slide. The largest caliber available last time I looked was .32, but very few people desire to be shot or care what caliber is staring them in the face. This could be a possible option for someone who finds racking the slide a challenge. Additionally, your videos a about the only ones I can get my wife to watch on firearms training and questions. She regards your knowledge, presentation, and spirit quite highly.

    Blessings to you,
    Tod Winters


  16. Hi Colleene, I’m a Canadian, just completed my courses for long gun and restricted. Had immense difficulty in racking and was about to give up, until I went on line and stumbled upon your video!
    Now I’m certain I can do it!
    You saved me, and now watching your other many videos, and have already learned a ton.
    Thank you from Canada!


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