Colleene Answers Questions

This page will be a hub where you can find answers to many frequently asked questions that have come through my series on the KeepingPiece2010 YouTube Channel entitled Colleene Answers Questions.

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What targets should I use?

Can you show your updated knife collection?

How old were you when you first shot a gun?

Should I aim with centered level sights or use the 6 o’clock hold with handguns?

Should I shoot with one eye open, or both eyes open?

Should I have insurance if I carry a concealed weapon?

Is it safe to shoot while pregnant?

Are guns registered to my name in Kentucky?

Why are my shots hitting to the left?

Why do I have to keep re-adjusting my grip?

Why are my shots hitting low left?

I’m anticipating recoil. What helps?

How do I make my arms feel more stable while shooting?

I just had to use lethal force for self-protection. What’s next?

Why do I get differing results when testing for eye dominance?

Should my point of aim change in relation to previous hits?

What are some good target transition exercises?

Can you help me shoot with both eyes open?

Why do we never see you shoot on video?

What are your thoughts on practicing with the non-dominant hand?

How long will it take me to improve as a shooter?

What will help me with flinching?

Is there overlap between symptoms for lead poisoning and other diseases or disorders?

How should I prepare for my first trip to the shooting range?

How do I find a gun to fit my tiny hands?

How do I fix missed shots that land vertically on the target?

Slide Bite — What is it and how do I prevent it?

How often should I practice with range ammo vs. defensive/carry ammo?

What are your recommendations for dry fire practice?

Do you offer advice to strangers at the gun range?

What are your thoughts on pocket carry?

Should I switch hands if I’m cross eye dominant?

Do Glocks offer a second strike/double strike capability?

Are shooters prone to lead poisoning?

How do I lock the slide to the rear if I’m an amputee?

What is dry fire?

How do I lock the slide to the rear if I’m left-handed?

Why are my shots hitting high left?

What does KY law say about concealing large flashlights in my car?

What if a gun is too small for my hand?

Are snap caps re-usable?

What are the best sights to use for quick acquisition of sight picture?

What gun do I recommend for women?

Why do I shake uncontrollably at the gun range?

Do you have tips for sight alignment with revolvers (standard groove sights)?

How do I shoot with monovision?

Do you have tips for fixing low left hits?

Do you have tips for carrying a toddler and a gun on body?

How often should I clean my gun?

B. U. G. in the pocket — strong side or support side?

What are your thoughts on trigger jobs for carry guns?

How can I keep my skills sharp during extended work stays in Gun Free Zones?

Which guns are safe to dry fire? Which aren’t?

Do you have tips for recoil management?

Do you recommend Isosceles or Weaver stance?

Will carrying with a chambered round damage my gun?