• Concealed Carry Training
    1. Private Classes (Co-ed & Ladies Only)
    2. Public classes (Co-ed)

All of my classes have a minimum requirement of 8 paid participants and all seats must be pre-paid to reserve. To schedule a private class, please send an email to to request a date.  You must send in payment of $85 x 8 people ($680) in order to reserve the date.


  • Target Analysis
    1. Send in a picture of your target, or a video of you shooting and I will help you determine any shooter errors you might be making, and give you tips on how to fix them.

6 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi!
    I am very interested in obtaining my concealed weapon certification. What classes do you have available and do you do private for this? Is the price $85 either way?
    Thank you,
    Jamie Pagel

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  2. Hi! I will be in Louisville next Thursday and I wanted to know if you do one
    On one training? If so how much ? I am a new shooter with some practice.
    Thanks for your help.

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    • Hi Wanda,
      I got your message this afternoon and haven’t had the opportunity to call you back yet. I apologize. I had my baby waking up from nap, then cooked dinner, ate and ran out the door for Bible Study…so it’s been a whirlwind. Whew! I’ll call you tomorrow, if that’s okay.

      Currently, I’m only offering Concealed Carry Training and publishing training videos to my YouTube channel. I stay home full time with my 2 year old daughter during the week.

      If you are brand new to this whole thing, I’m happy to do some training with you here at the house on basics of safety, marksmanship, cleaning and care, and even some snap cap drills. I just can’t do any live fire here. If you think that would help you, we can discuss that on the phone.

      Talk to you soon!
      God bless,


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