Tips for Teaching New Shooters

Many people ask me via YouTube and other channels what my key concerns are when teaching people who have never before touched a handgun.  This video series on YouTube is my summary of the most important factors in teaching new shooters.  I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

If you have other things you consider when teaching new shooters, or if you are new to guns yourself and have things you’d like to see considered which I may not have mentioned here…please be encouraged to comment below and let me know! 🙂


Tips for Teaching New Shooters Video Series



Teaching Kids About Guns (Ep. 2)

So, we are fully into this new realm of teaching a toddler about gun safety.  Since we both carry daily and guns are a big part of our lives, it is super important to take the time to teach safe gun handling to our daughter from the very beginning.  On Saturday while I taught a Concealed Carry Course, her Daddy gave her her very first toy revolver with a holster.  She was so excited to ‘shoot pow pow like Mommy’.  So, here we go with serious gun safety training, because whatever we allow her to do with this ‘toy gun’ will be exactly what she does if she ever happens upon a real one.

Though we are very careful to keep all guns out of our daughter’s reach, this education is still highly important because who knows what she could encounter out in the world later in life?

On Saturday, her Daddy taught her to draw from her holster and re-holster.  I spent some time teaching her not to shoot me in the face, which was what she naturally wanted to do.  We set up some library books around the room as targets and had her shoot them, then re-holster.  With a little work, she was doing this well.  She would get excited and want to turn toward us with her gun pointed at us, but with a little coaxing, she learned to point the muzzle downward toward the floor in what we call a SUL position, rather than pointing her muzzle at us.

We have not “arrived” yet…but we are seeing great results to be at the foundation of our 2 year old’s gun safety training.  Watch this video we took Saturday evening.  Notice how she uses self-control to point the muzzle downward when she catches herself turning toward us with her gun out of the holster.

Teaching Kids About Guns (Ep. 2) — Learning Muzzle Control and Holster Technique

Why are you hitting low?

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions on my YouTube channel, I thought I’d compile a list of the videos I’ve posted on this topic so they’d all be in one place and easy to access.  If you have trouble with this shooter error, check out these videos.  Comment below if they help, or if they don’t.  I’d love to know your experience on the journey to correcting this common problem among shooters.


Shooting Low: Probably Causes & Possible Solutions

Colleene Answers Questions (Ep. 13): Why do my shots hit Low?

Colleene Answers Questions (Ep. 49): Having Trouble Conquering Low/Low Left Hits?

Preparing New Shooter Series: Target Analysis (Episode 8 of 10)

Low Light Training — How Important is it?

Did you know that the majority of violent crime occurs during the dark?
Do you know if you could hit a threat with very minimal light?
Have you ever tried shooting in complete darkness?
Would you take a shot in complete darkness?
How would you verify that someone was a threat in your home at night?
Do you keep a flashlight next to your gun?
Do you know how to hold it and shoot your gun at the same time?

As I travel to my 3rd Low Light Training course, I’m pondering the importance of this type of training, and of thinking through all of these things as a concealed carrier. I find that many people seem to learn to hit consistently and accurately, learn reloads, figure out a mode of carry, and then they tend to call it a day.  Most will practice those same things and be satisfied, never putting much thought into how they’d shoot in low light.  There is also a huge group of folks who will get their CCDW license, and then never think another thing about ability or training.  They’ll simply put the gun the nightstand and hope they never have to use it.

Since the majority of violent crime happens in darkness,  being able to shoot well in the dark is an absolute necessity.  I recommend taking as many classes as you can afford in this area. 

I’m heading now to take the 2nd level of the Elzetta Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Courses under Fermin De LaTorre in Sevierville, TN.  In the first course, which I took last month, I learned about the physiology of the eye, how it reacts to low light.  There was also an emphasis on the law in regards to low light use of deadly force. A few light holds were taught and students were allowed to choose the one that fit their shooting style the best.  Then, there was ample opportunity to learn our individual abilities for shooting in the dark, both holding the lights and without.  We were able to see how well we knew our guns and also see the areas where we needed more practice.  This training was invaluable.  

In Level 2 of Elzetta Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, the training will be primarily force on force with a variety of scenerios based in reality where we’ll get the opportunity to see how we handle the stress and employ skills learned. I understand that there will be an emphasis on human physiological response to stress, so that will likely be an “eye opener”.

After this weekend, I’ll come back and tell you all what I learned.  If you have had good low light training, comment below about what you’ve learned.

New Target Packs Available for 2016 Students

Are you tired of the boring silhouette targets at your local range?  Problem solved!

New target packs will be available to any students who take my Concealed Carry Courses or Private Instruction.  These packs will include 4 full color, full size targets from Law Enforcement Targets. These are targets you probably won’t find at your local range, and give you added benefit when going to practice.  Packs will be $5 and there will be one available for you at the classroom on the day of your course. If you would like to reserve extra target packs, please let me know prior to your class date so I can make sure to have extras.  I’ll plan to have one there per student enrolled unless requested otherwise.


These are the targets that will be included in packs for now.  In the future, targets may vary according to what I have available.  All targets included will be good quality training targets in full size and vivid color.


I do not ship these target packs. They are for local pickup only.  If you would like to purchase packs and don’t plan on attending any of my classes, feel free to contact me and I’m happy to meet you in Paris for delivery of 4+ target packs.

Concealed Carry Tips

If you have recently obtained your Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons License (CCDW), you may be wondering what to do next. Maybe you’ve purchased a gun, but need help choosing a holster. Or, maybe you have a gun and holster, but aren’t sure how to go about concealing it on your body, or choosing clothing that works well for concealment. Maybe you haven’t worked through the logistics of drawing your gun from the holster, especially with concealment garments over top.

Well, I’ve published a series of videos on YouTube that you might find helpful. The series is called Concealed Carry Tips, and have placed them in a playlist with a total of 12 videos.


If you watch these videos and have questions, feel free to comment below on YouTube or here on this blog to have your answers filmed in a video.  Your video would be featured in my current series entitled Colleene Answers Questions.

Should You Have Insurance to CCW?

People ask me frequently if they should have insurance to concealed carry.  I would say it is a very good idea. There are lots of associations out there providing good benefits at reasonable rates.  The one I personally use is  US Concealed Carry Association.

They offer 3 levels of protection, which are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. I will list the details of your coverage under each level below. If you are interested in contacting them to start your coverage, you can either call at 1-877-677-1919 or jump on their website at  I do not receive any compensation from them if you sign up. I’m simply sharing what I use to give you a place to start in your research. 🙂

Silver Plus



Civil Suit Defense & Damages


Criminal Defense Protection & Instant
Attorney Retainer


Immediate Bail Bond Funding


Compensation While In Court

Critical Response Team

24/7/365 Immediate Assistance

Complete Attorney Coordination

Local Referral Within 24 Hours

Psychological Support

Post-Incident Counseling

Concealed Carry Magazine

8 Issues Per Year

Gold Plus



Civil Suit Defense & Damages


Criminal Defense Protection & Instant
Attorney Retainer


Immediate Bail Bond Funding


Compensation While In Court

Critical Response Team

24/7/365 Immediate Assistance

Complete Attorney Coordination

Local Referral Within 24 Hours

Psychological Support

Post-Incident Counseling

Concealed Carry Magazine

8 Issues Per Year

Welcome to the New Site!

Hello to all my students, friends, and guests.  Welcome to my new website.  We’re starting out super simple and hopefully easy to navigate.  Here on the blog section, you’ll find updates on classes, YouTube publications, and other activities that might be of interest.

CCDW Scheduled for 1/9/16

There is a new class scheduled for January 9th, a Saturday, from 8am until 5pm.  This class will be open to the public. There are 20 seats available.

Payment is due by January 1st. Cost is $85 and can be mailed to:

Keeping the Piece

5555 Rockwell Rd.

Winchester, KY 40391

Please spread the word and bring a friend or family member.

Class will be at the above address.


What to bring:

Handgun, 20 rounds factory loaded ammo, cleaning kit

Your $85 includes training, lunch, target, and range rental.

There will be coffee and donuts for breakfast as well.