Concealed Carry on Nov. 14, 2015

Congratulations to all 13 students from Saturday’s CCDW class!  You all passed both written and live fire tests with flying colors (and a few flying bullets)!  Great job!  Thanks to Lynn for great class organization skills. Paperwork will be mailed to the DOCJT by Wednesday, Nov. 18th, so you can expect to receive your certificate from them in 20 business days from that point.


Currently, Keeping the Piece offers the following services:

  1. Private Handgun Instruction –  I am teaching one Saturday per month in 1-2 hour lessons at $35/hour, which includes range rental, targets, and instruction.
  2. Private Consultation for help choosing and purchasing a handgun for concealed carry. ($30/hour)
  3. Concealed Carry Training (Private and Public groups — must have a minimum of 8 students to schedule a date — $85/person includes training, lunch, target, and range rental)
  4. Educational Videos on a variety of topics through YouTube — channel name: KeepingPiece2010